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Introducing PruFund Planet – investing for positive outcomes as well as competitive returns

What is PruFund Planet?

Put simply, it is a strategy of five risk-rated, actively managed, new multi-asset funds all aiming to deliver a smoothed investment experience, competitive returns and positive outcomes for people and the planet – making the world a little better along the way.

Whether you’re looking at investment through a more traditional lens of maximising long-term investment returns – or philanthropy – to achieve social and environmental good – or both, the PruFund Planet range of multi-asset funds is a purpose-built alternative which looks to achieve the twin aims.

The PruFund Planet range can help investors to take advantage of the investment opportunities which exist right across the investment spectrum. It’s there to support you as you help your clients to invest whilst creating the opportunities for positive outcomes as well as competitive returns.

PruFund Planet funds are part of the Prudential With-Profits fund, one of the UK’s largest investment funds. Pru is, in turn, part of M&G Plc, one of the UK’s leading savings and investment companies.

PruFund Planet builds on the success of PruFund in that it uses the same investment engine of underlying asset allocation and selection of best-in-class underlying funds. However, it differs in that all funds in the strategy operate with the underlying objective of helping to protect and improve the planet by investing in solutions as well as creating competitive returns.

In order to help clients clearly understand the positive outcomes from PruFund Planet investments, an ESG product framework has been developed that has three outcome categories.

These are ESG Risk focused, Opportunity focused, and Solution focused.

Informed by the Impact Management Project (IMP) as best practice, the ESG product framework looks to simplify the outcomes being communicated, while still being underpinned by a robust methodology that helps overcome the subjectivity that may often exist in this space.

IMP is established as a pillar of best practice for impact management and is used across both the market and by other teams within M&G Plc. PruFund Planet leverages the work done by IMP for the benefit of investors in the strategies.

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