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New Impact Portfolio Service for financial planners launches

A new model impact investment portfolio service designed for financial planners is set to launch in early 2022.

Impact investment specialist, Worthstone, has partnered with wealth managers Helm Godfrey in a joint initiative called Wellth Impact to offer authentic and competitively priced impact investment portfolios. Helm Godfrey will manage these discretionary model portfolios.

Underpinned by Worthstone’s comprehensive impact rating methodology, each fund and portfolio will be scored on six different key measures to generate an overall impact score that will be reviewed quarterly.

The models will be available on the Praemium and Transact platforms from January 2022, with further platform listings in due course.

Founder of Worthstone and co-founder of the Wellth Impact service, Gavin Francis says: “Impact investing should be accessible and affordable to every adviser and client in the UK. For clients wanting to make a positive impact alongside a financial return, ESG screening simply doesn’t answer all their questions.

“Wellth Impact is a game-changer for financial planners who don’t want to construct their own impact portfolios and need a trusted partner with experience, expertise and focus to do it for them. The Wellth Impact service will not only provide the portfolios, it will also clearly evidence their positive impact alongside their financial performance. The aim is radical transparency to bring impact investments to life and show the difference money has made or has the potential to make.”

Chairman of Helm Godfrey, Danby Bloch says: “This exciting new service will combine innovation with proven experience. Helm Godfrey is well-placed to run the multi-asset Wellth Impact solutions across different risk profiles – underpinned by Worthstone’s tried and tested impact research tools. We believe these models will be among the most competitively priced impact portfolios in the market.”

Michael Smith, CEO of Chamberlyns, who is also part of the Wellth Impact founding team, explains: “Clients increasingly want to invest sustainably and with purpose, while planners have both a desire and a professional responsibility to help them. Impact investing is a financial life planning issue; it’s about a client’s values and helping them to meet their objectives as fully as possible.”

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