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Polar Capital launches Smart Energy Fund and Smart Mobility Fund

Polar Capital, the specialist active asset management group, has announced the launch of two new funds, the Polar Capital Smart Energy Fund and the Polar Capital Smart Mobility Fund.

The funds are managed by Thiemo Lang, based in London, and his Sustainable Thematic Equity team of Thomas Guennegues, Guenther Hollfelder and Junwei Hafner-Cai. The team is supported by product specialist Stefanie Rath.

Prior to joining Polar Capital in September 2021, Thiemo successfully managed a sustainable energy strategy for 14 years. He and his team, with over 70 years of combined industry experience, have built an impressive track record, running more than €5bn in sustainable energy and mobility strategies. Sustainability is at the heart of the investment thesis for the newly launched funds, as demonstrated by them being classified as Article 9 funds under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Smart Energy Fund

The Polar Capital Smart Energy Fund is a globally diversified portfolio investing in the solution providers benefitting from the energy transition. The Fund is founded on the core belief that the transformation of the global energy sector towards clean, electric and efficient solutions has reached an inflection point, driven by regulatory initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and superior economics. The Fund seeks diversified exposure to several multi-decade growth themes, investing in the technology leaders as we move towards a decarbonised energy future.

Smart Mobility Fund

The Polar Capital Smart Mobility Fund invests in a portfolio of companies worldwide that support the decarbonisation and transformation of the global transportation sector. This includes innovative technologies, products and services that enable the electrification and automation of the entire transport sector, leading to the proliferation of sharing models, improved safety and convenience, reduced pollution, and decongested cities.

Article 9 funds under the EU’s SFDR

For both products, sustainability factors will be fully integrated at each step of the investment process, from identifying the initial proprietary universe through to portfolio construction, monitoring and engagement, taking the latest thematic developments into account. The objective is to generate superior returns by investing in attractively valued companies compared to their long-term earnings potential while minimising the risks linked to unsustainable business practices.

Commenting on the launch of the products, Thiemo Lang, Head of the Sustainable Thematic Equity team at Polar Capital, said: “Investments in solution providers addressing environmental challenges have clearly gained momentum. Over the next decades we will witness a strong decarbonisation of the global energy sector, driven by clean power generation, affordable storage solutions and the deployment of the newest technologies driving down energy consumption. The electrification of the whole transportation sector is at the very heart of these transformational changes. These are truly exciting times for us all, investing in the technology leaders that shape the sustainable energy world of tomorrow.”

Iain Evans, Global Head of Distribution, Polar Capital, said: “We’re very pleased to welcome this highly experienced team to Polar Capital and to launch these two funds. The specialised team are experts in the field and will create diversified portfolios that take advantage of the opportunity in the sector. Thiemo and his team have an outstanding track record, and 70 years of combined industry experience.”

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